As snowfall continues to blanket much of the East Coast, distinct snow personalities are emerging. Here, an (unscientific) survey, and our recipe suggestions for each:

Personality: The Powder Fiend
First thought: Sledding!
Recipe suggestions: Hot chocolate to take along in a thermos including an ultrarich version topped with coconut cream, plus portable sandwiches like pita bread stuffed with deviled egg salad and strips of steak.

Personality: The Aesthete
First thought: How gorgeous!
Recipe suggestions: Stunning all-white dishes to match the snow like a decadent cauliflower puree made with both cream and butter and a chicken-and-almond stir-fry.

Personality: The Hermit
First thought: Let me hibernate!
Recipe suggestions: Dishes that make ingenious use of pantry staples like a chunky chickpea dip or figs in a blanket (dried figs stuffed with nuts and wrapped in slices of prosciutto).