No spoilers, but Laura Prepon says there may be some "tainted" veggies involved.

By Annie Quigley
Updated May 24, 2017
© JoJo Whilden/Netflix

The women of Litchfield Penitentiary are back, and they may be in for some some questionable veggies from the prison garden. It looks like we can expect the same level of cringe-worthy food during the newest season of Orange Is the New Black (which premiered on Netflix on Friday). But unlike her character, drug-smuggling inmate Alex Vause, star Laura Prepon is a real-life uber-foodie. To celebrate the new season, Food & Wine asked Prepon seven rapid-fire questions about her best-selling cookbook, The Stash Plan; how she copes with eating unidentifiable prison food on camera, and her go-to snacks while binge-watching the first season.

What are five things you always have stashed in your fridge during the summer?
Always a bone broth in the fridge. Lots of salads with cucumber and tomatoes. I use a lot of fresh sweet summer basil in all of my recipes, plus strawberries and summer squash.

I'd imagine Alex Vause's "stash" might not include summer squash and bone broth. What would be in hers?
If Alex could have a stash, I don’t believe she would stash food. I think she would stash cash, some kind of weapon, an extra pair of glasses — and a book in her fridge.

Do you have a food or drink vice?
I LOVE coffee with chocolate in it. I recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and every morning we would drink Africafe instant coffee (which is awesome, by the way) with chocolate powder mixed into it. It was such a treat while being on top of a mountain. Now I drink it all the time.

What’s your most memorable on-screen food moment?
I was filming a movie where I had to eat a steak. This steak was so tough and hard to cut, and in the scene I’m just trying to cut it the entire time. It was pretty comical.

Did you actually have to eat the less-than-appetizing cafeteria food on the set of OITNB?
I use any trick I can to avoid it! I usually will eat an orange if you have to see me eating.

What are you snacking on while binge-watching the show?
I like crunchy, salty snacks while Netflixing and chilling. I love these bean and rice chips from Beanfields. I’ll usually mash up an avocado and nosh on the chips and guacamole.

Can you hint at any crazy food moments this season?
I can say that the food the inmates eat from the garden may be tainted this year...