By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 23, 2015
© Mary Graham

When people talk about going for a "natural look," this probably isn't what they meant. English Designer Mary Graham's fake eyelashes are made from grass, pine needles, and other foliage, and stuck on with a natural glue made out of snow and egg.

Graham designed the lashes as part of a course at London's Kingston University. Graham points out that a beauty product only needs to be made from one percent natural ingredients to label itself as a natural product. She calls that idea into question with her work, creating a look that, if a little eccentric, is undeniably totally natural. To highlight the difference between her own designs and the products she's critiquing, Graham photographed her lashes on a model and printed the images, like cosmetic ads, in a glossy magazine. The results are stunningly beautiful.

And this is just the beginning for Graham. While she made this round of lashes from spring foliage, Graham would love the opportunity to capture the variability of nature with colorful autumn lashes and more. Said Graham, "These lashes have seasons and would appear differently depending on the time of year. Almost like fashion trends, they are always changing and never constant."

Looking ahead, she sees herself creating beetroot lipstick and using minerals to create tanning products. Graham believes that, with today's DIY culture, there's no reason the lashes couldn't catch on. Maybe, but it might take a little time to get used to seeing grass growing out of people's eyes.

You can follow more of Graham's projects on Twitter here.