By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 16, 2015
Courtesy of Massimo Aurelio Cappella

Instead of the right tool for the job, what if there was the right tool for the person doing it? That’s the idea behind the recent work of Italian industrial designer Massimo Aurelio Cappella. For his project ONE WAY, Cappella crafted kitchen utensils for four types of people with radically different attitudes about cooking. His Precision set looks like a sampling of surgical tools while the Imprecise collection recalls a painter's palette and holds spices. While the sets could never take the place of a chef’s knife, Cappella has made an interesting study out of the way personality defines our behaviors in the kitchen. The tools are one of a kind and not for sale, but you can take a closer look on his website here.

Utensils for the precise chef

A palette for the artistic chef.

A makeup set to make your ingredients look perfect.

The rudimentary tools of a messy chef.