Thinking of an English garden may cause you to conjure up images of hedge mazes, Beatles lyrics or the USA Women's 4x100 relay team. Certainly you wouldn't think of death (unless you're as big a fan of Rosemary & Thyme as I am). But at one castle in Northumberland, growing plants truly is a matter of both life and death. That's because many of the plants in this idyllic walled garden are fatally toxic.

Alnwick Castle's "Poison Garden" was started by the current Duchess as an addtion to the estate's grounds in 2005 and grows around 100 varieties of killer plants. The collection is looked after by head gardener Trevor Jones, who gives us a guided tour from the safety of YouTube courtesy of Great Big Story. Jones is perhaps the most enjoyable part of this video, as his delightfully wry delivery of each and every plant and how it could harm you somehow makes the prospect of death seem a touch less intolerable. And no, they aren't all exotic species from the deepest equatorial jungles. Many of the specimens are commonly grown by homeowners unaware of their lethal potential. So the next time you spray herbicide to kill off some pesky weeds, just remember some of them can return the favor.