By Sery Kim
Updated July 06, 2015
© / Artist: Spires

Good news for those that love a good conversation-starting tee, but don't love the idea of stocking up after the age of nineteen: Indie art-championing site is now printing some of its most popular pieces on t-shirts.

At $34 to $36, the collection is brimming with investment-worthy, wearable flashes of inspiration from rising star artists already known for dressing some of the world's coolest walls — and perfect for anyone seeking something more statement-making than the heather gray/black/white tee rotation.

Many come unisex, so women should size down, and a few come in cuts for men and women. Take your pick. And if you are looking to pull off a full-frontal, head-to-toe look, a handful of the prints are available as leggings, as well. Here are 4 of our favorites:

1. Bianca Green's artist-ode-turned-tee Deer Frida

2. Buddy Kwan's Flock of Birds (also available at

3. slyb ynvyrtz by Spires

4. Stoian Hiltrov-Sto's Teal Isolation