By Clara Olshansky
Updated October 09, 2015
© Tal Spiegel

Desserted in Paris is every Francophile's dream come true. Tal Spiegel takes pictures of the most photogenic desserts in Paris, each paired with a selection from his vast shoe collection. Spiegel is an Israeli graphic designer cum pastry chef currently living in the City of Light. Combining spot-on fashion, gorgeous desserts and totally beautiful photography, this Instagram will make you want to hop on a plane right now.

That Spiegel is a professional graphic designer is no surprise, given how beautiful the photographs are. While one matches tessellated floor tiles with a similarly geometric lemon meringue tart, another matches the squares of a mango-citron tart with the rectangles drawn by Paris's sidewalk cracks.

The shoes, too, are totally drool-worthy. From blue suede wingtips with hot pink laces to bright yellow Vans covered in images from the Beatles cartoon Yellow Submarine to shockingly magenta oxfords, Spiegel's shoe collection is an inspiration for any lover of men's footwear.

As Spiegel told Boredpanda, "There is a natural connection between the colorfullness of desserts and shoes, and this is a project I just can't stop creating!" And, for sure, the combinations are any aesthete's dream. His pâtissier background comes through too, with his amazing eye for "all the best desserts Paris has to offer." Spiegel has found everything you can imagine, from chocolate almond eclairs that re-create the Mona Lisa's gaze to gorgeously melted lily of the valley candies.

For more Francophile perfection, follow Desserted in Paris on Instagram. And check out a few of our favorites here: