Credit: © YelenaYemchuk/Getty Images

Watermelon has long been a summer fruit favorite, but this season it’s seeing an upward trend – to our hair.

Instagram is being flooded with various interpretations of the watermelon hair trend, a look that is inspired by the colorful melon. Watermelon, with shades of pink and green, was ripe to motivate creativity – but the good news is, you can take this look as subtle or bold as your nerves allow.

“With everyone lightening their hair for summer, this watermelon hair color trend is the perfect way to celebrate the season,” says Lisa Richards, co-founder of RPZL Hair Extension and Blowout Bar (, in New York City. The trend involves coloring your tresses distinctive shades of green and red/pink to achieve an ombre effect (and you can choose to go more vibrant or pastel). Blondes will have an easier time achieving this effect. But if you still want to go watermelon without the damaging effects of bleach, you can achieve the same look with extensions. Either way, this hair trend is our favorite way to showcase out love of the summer fruit.