By Erika Owen
Updated December 04, 2015
Credit: © Alex Grigsby from Dimensional Innovations

If you're a Star Wars fan planning to check out the new movie, you might want to consider heading to Omaha. The famed Alamo Drafthouse opened a Nebraska location at the beginning of November and is planning a truly one-of-a-kind experience premiere of The Force Awakens (read: watch the movie from inside a theater that has a Death Star replica in the lobby).


Alex Grigsby from Dimensional Innovations

Other design elements in the lobby include a green superlaser, light panels inspired by the Imperial ship, Imperial ship signage, and an Emperor's Throne that controls the aforementioned 10-foot Death Star model. But the theme goes much further than a few design details: The Drafthouse also ran a Star Wars tattoo contest and gave the winners access to a Star Wars movie marathon viewing at their Austin location—17 hours of "straight Star Wars ending with The Force Awakens" on December 17th. For more information on all of the events happening leading up to the movie premiere, head over to theAlamo Drafthouse website.

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars Theater

Alex Grigsby from Dimensional Innovations

This piece originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.