In the past, if you told me the biggest name in entertainment was a Broadway star, I’d probably say, “What year is this? 1948?” But thanks to the success of the hip-hop musical Hamilton, the hottest show in the country isn’t on TV or at the movie theaters, it’s on the stage; and its creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is getting the kind of attention usually reserved for movie stars.

Just how desperate is the world for more Miranda content? NBC’s new-ish online platform Seeso has recently acquired the rights to stream episodes of Freestyle Love Supreme – a musical improv show that originally aired on the Pivot channel back in 2014. The show features Miranda’s improv troupe of the same name doing what musical improv troupes do best: taking audience suggestions and turning them into funny songs.

The show, which will be available to watch online starting on June 23, will also include “newly edited material featuring the original cast,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. In that vein, Seeso recently decided to create the promo above featuring everyone’s favorite musical star showing off his improv chops. The suggestion: “ramen” – a food that is nearly as hot as Miranda himself.

Is Miranda’s ramen freestyle the most revelatory thing you ever heard regarding the noodle soup? Not really. But just be thankful you’re getting to watch 41 seconds of his work for free. At currently Hamilton prices, 41 seconds of Miranda’s time should run you about $12.