By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 13, 2015

Should we tip servers? It’s a question that inspires impassioned debates and op-eds year after year. Some American restaurants have done away with the custom entirely (others still deal with some very crappy tips). The latest argument comes from an unlikely source: CollegeHumor. In CH’s latest video, Adam Conover—who has previously taken on topics from the scourge of engagement rings to the problems with purebred dogs—lays out a pretty concise argument against tipping in its current form: It screws the server, it screws you and it makes the end of your meal incredibly irritating. He even references some interesting history, like how 100 years ago tipping in America was considered an undemocratic form of bribery.

Really, who better than a bunch of comedians in L.A. to make a case against tipping—99 percent of them were servers at some point, right?