By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 08, 2014
© Thomas Schauer

You, intelligent reader, certainly know the difference between fondue and fondant. If you don’t, that’s OK—no one’s going to grill you on it publicly. But for some unlucky New York pedestrians, their culinary misconceptions will live forever on the Internet—specifically (and weirdly), on the Fox News website.

Indulging in a time-honored shtick most recently exploited to great effect by Jimmy Kimmel, Fox hit the street to quiz regular people on specific knowledge. This time the anonymous hand with the microphone asked about desserts—and as always, the people had no idea what was what. For anyone looking for the proper definitions of Napoleon, ganache, fondant and soufflé, guest lecturer Dominique Ansel provided correct answers.

The pedestrians may have answered every question wrong, but we must admit that a potato ganache does sound sort of interesting.