Credit: © iStockphoto

Different fragrances can bring up a variety of memories and emotions. Cut grass can leave you longing for summer days from your childhood, something vibrant and sweet can make you excited and a musky scent can inspire romance. But what scent can make you trust someone? According to a new study, lavender can.

To determine this, researchers at the Cognitive Psychology Unit and Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition, at Leiden University in the Netherlands, split a group of people into 3 groups and had each participate in a game. One room was scented with lavender (considered an inclusive scent), another with peppermint (considered an exclusive scent) and the 3rd had no smell at all. The research team gave the participants money that they could either hold on to or transfer to someone else. Once given away, the amount of money tripled in value and it was up to the “trustee” to determine how much to return to the person who gave it to them. Researchers found that more money was transferred in the lavender room than in the control or peppermint room. The conclusion: The inclusive smell of lavender stimulated interpersonal trust.

We definitely foresee lavender-scented colognes becoming the go-to trend for the 2016 presidential campaign.