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Credit: © Sydney Alford / Alamy

He is the one who knocks, and now he is the one who will get your kids to stop screwing around and eat their damn spaghetti. Bryan Cranston, in the role of a lifetime, is now the narrator of the kids’ book You Have to F*cking Eat, the long-awaited sequel to Go the F*ck to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach. The series of children’s books for adults stems from the author’s own parenting issues that apparently most can relate to. Like anyone with kids who won’t f*cking sleep or eat. The first book sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide.

Cranston follows the lead of Samuel L. Jackson, who was the narrator for the first book. And his voice is surprisingly soothing. After the nightmares we used to have about Cranston melting us in a bathtub full of acid, this is quite a nice change.

You can download the audiobook for free at Audible until December 12. Or if you want to hear the melodious sounds of an Emmy Award–winner cajoling children to put some freakin’ food in their mouth holes, you can listen to a sample on Amazon.