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Greens and Yellow Rice Torta

I had an extra bunch of greens in my fridge leftover from a party. They were mildly mustardy and more tender than kale. I wanted a dish that would be meatless, but not too light, and I remembered the Swiss chard torta from Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. In the recipe, she combines cooked chard with eggs, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, raisins and pine nuts and bakes them in a springform pan to make a sort of crustless quiche. I looked through my fridge and found two-day-old yellow rice from Malecon, the rotisserie chicken joint around the corner, and there was also a hunk of seriously intense aged gouda cheese that I thought would be delicious with the mustard-green flavor. After sautéing the greens, I tossed them with the rice, cheese and an egg and spread the mixture in a small springform pan. I baked my version of Marcella’s torta until the egg was set and the edges were crusty. It was a perfect satisfying, (mostly) healthy dinner for two.