Credit: © Hector Mora for Flytographer

We live in a world where you can outsource your laundry, coffee-making, and home cooking. And yet, Selfie Sticks are as far as we've come to outsourcing vacation photos past arms' reach. Until now.

Get to know three traveling photo companies that will not only come along for the ride on your next adventure, but document your trip with professional-grade photos that feel like you took them (but better).


Former Microsoft marketing consultant Nicole Smith was on vacation with a friend in Paris when she dreamed up Flytographer, a photography service which connects visitors with local photogs to capture in-the-moment images. Disappointed with her own travel pictures, Smith hired a friend to take some candid photos. They turned out great. And Flytographer was born.

What to Expect Take your pick from 220 affiliated photographers spanning 130 countries. Photo packages range from $250 to $500 for shoots lasting up to 90 minutes.

El Camino Travel

El Camino Travel’s motto (“Be a Traveler. Not a Tourist”) feeds into the idea that vacations are for enjoying and not for worrying about having a picture-perfect time. Hiring El Camino means hitting the proverbial road with 10 to 12 people plus a local, seasoned photographer standing ready to capture the whole experience — from chasing down the right light to scouting the most interesting backdrops for group photos with a stealthily creative eye.

What to Expect El Camino's photographers deliver 20-plus compelling photos every morning of your trip -- thus encouraging you to, "leave your phone at the door and live in the moment". El Camino currently operates throughout Nicaragua and Columbia, but has plans to expand. Contact them directly for upcoming trips, custom plans, and costs.

Kate Donnelly

For the lucky ones who get to spend time in Paris, lifestyle photographer Kate Donnelly (a perennial favorite of New York Magazine and decor blog Style Me Pretty) is the ideal person to help curate the perfect photo.

What to Expect Pricing is dependent on duration of the session and how early you book since she is wildly popular with elopers and the newly engaged. Find yourself in Paris and want to book a great tutor? Kate will meet you for coffee or at your flat to teach you how to take your own great photos, too.