Plus, she names three foods she tries hard to avoid.

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Chrissy Teigen hosts a "Cocktails with Chrissy" event for Smirnoff No. 21 vodka in New York City.
Chrissy Teigen
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Model Chrissy Teigen may be obsessed with food and cooking, but that doesn't mean she considers herself a very adventurous eater. In fact, there are a handful of ingredients, foods, and flavors the cover girl actively avoids—and some of them might surprise you.

"There are flavors that I don't love," Teigen told Refinery29. "I don't love capers. I don't love fennel. Aside from that, that's kind of it. I'm not a big innards person, like even if it's fried and delicious. I'm not doing live or bone marrow. I don't need to pretend that I have taste."

Yup, innards. Teigen doesn't like eating innards. And as for drinks, she also has very specific no-nos.

"I don't like [rosé]," she told the website. "I like the taste of it, but I don't feel great [after I drink it]. I've never been good with Champagne, rosé, or brown alcohol."

Fancy foods aside, the model does cop to a love for fast food—she name-checks Taco Bell, Wendy's and McDonald's as her favorites, but prefers Shake Shack over In-N-Out. And while she does like her Chick-Fil-A, she also calls the chain "overrated"—"Especially cuz they won’t just like fucking put the shit on the burger for you," she says." Like, my god, put it on the fucking burger." We think she's talking about condiments.

Teigen's cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, was just released last year, and includes some of her family's favorites—including hubby John Legend's favorite fried chicken and her mother's recipes for Thai home-cooking.

"A lot of the recipes in the book come from my mom, who is Thai," Teigen told us. "Her rice porridge, or jok, is the recipe I go to when I'm sick. You form pork, peppercorns and ginger into little meatballs and boil them in the rice mixture, which breaks down and gets so creamy."

She says her must-have secret ingredient in the kitchen is garlic oil.

"Garlic oil is one of my favorite things on the planet," she sayd. "You can roast 20 cloves of garlic in oil and use it in everything—you can even slide those soft whole cloves into a dish of hot mashed potatoes."