By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 21, 2014
© Nick Gregory / Alamy

The low-cost of IKEA furniture means that some people treat it like it's practically disposable. Not that you’re going to throw away your table after every use, but no one’s ever felt guilty leaving a set of IKEA shelves behind in a move.

But what if you could do the opposite: take something disposable and turn it into IKEA furniture. A reader of the site Designboom did exactly that.

Using nothing more than IKEA’s two annual catalogs, water and the adhesive polyvinyl acetate, the reader was able to build a coffee table. He even mocked up some instructions in the traditional IKEA style, which manages to be both simple and confusing.

Now, truth be told, making a table out of crumbled-up IKEA catalogs is nowhere near as easy as just buying a table from IKEA. Since the table is being bonded with a synthetic polymer adhesive, you’re kinda just cobbling a table together from a bunch of random paper scraps and hoping you have the aesthetic skills to make it look more like a table and less like a pile of trash.

Still, it’s a fun concept that will make you think long and hard about the nature of furniture and waste.

Check out the table here.

[h/t Consumerist]