Credit: © iStockphoto

Sure, koalas are the cutest animals on the entire continent of Australia (you heard us capybaras), but they are also highly evolved, heat dispersing machines. Maybe we could learn something from them in time for summer. According to new research out of England, when those marsupials we all want as pets hug trees they are actually cooling themselves. On brutally hot Australian days koalas rest on lower parts of tree trunks because it is cooler down there. They are also able to transfer some of their body heat into the trees. Why can’t they pant like normal furry animals? Because koalas understand that panting is not attractive and we would love them less. Also because it might leave them dangerously dehydrated on a continent that is going through a record drought. So the next time you’re cruising Tumblr and see a koala hanging out in a tree, know that it’s not just adorable, it’s an example of brilliant animal adaptation. Also be happy that you're admiring them from afar, because we hear they are viscious. Now let’s look at pictures of koalas hugging it out.