By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 07, 2016
© &Friends

If you're looking for a way to make your summer 100% more burrito-ful, the first place you look might not be your beach towel basket, but maybe it should be. With this Tortilla Towel , you never have to be more than a few folds away from transforming into a human burrito. Or taco, or enchilada, or superfood wrap, or whatever tortilla-swaddled food item gives you the warm fuzzies inside.

The adorable promotional video, with its hard core Wes Anderson overtones, demonstrates the range of options the towel offers. In it, the spokesperson shows how to wrap yourself up in the styles of a variety of different Mexican foods, paired with footage of the actual, non-human versions of said food. The Tortilla Towel is a limited edition release. It's a collaboration between I-Ping, Sarah, Mary, and Chelsey of &Friends. The towel is 5 feet in diameter, printed on both sides with a photo image of a tortilla. It will run you $35, which really isn't much if you really think about it: a 20 oz. burrito costs about $10, and you weigh way more than 1.25 lbs. So, as far as price by weight is concerned, it's quite the steal.

Of course, if you want to buy one, you should probably pre order it as soon as possible, because these towels are hotter than a newly made quesadilla. The first round of Tortilla Towels have already sold out. The next batch of tortillas is set to ship later this July, so get ordering.