By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 15, 2014
Iron Chef Cat Cora
| Credit: © RD/Kabik/Retna Ltd./Corbis

In case you have not used Reddit or are totally baffled by the website, it is an online community that shares and discusses every possible topic from breaking scientific discoveries to cute videos of people's babies. One of the most beloved traditions on Reddit is when people—both incredibly accomplished and entirely average—open a thread and answer questions in an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Yesterday afternoon, chef Cat Cora hosted one. You can check out the whole thing here, but like most AMAs, it's pretty dense. These are the top 10 things we learned from her.

10. She and her wife got pregnant at the same time and would do it again, but there was one hitch.
“AFTER the pregnancy the first PMS together was pretty gnarly.”

9. Iron Chef is totally, mostly real.
“We know [the secret ingredient] will be one of 4 or 5 ingredients, but we don't know which one until the chairman raises the top of the ingredient. And we do only get 60 minutes.”

8. She's still on the kale train.
“[For lunch] I'm really into kale salads right now…I just eat out it of a mixing bowl, don't even put it on a plate.”

7. Agave is the secret to great eggplant.
“If it's still bitter, try adding a few drops of agave to add some natural sweetness.”

6. Cuisine in the South isn't all about comfort food.
“We have some really good restaurants in Jackson, Mississippi, believe it or not we have great sushi there.”

5. Her favorite food show is a surprising one.
“I am all about the guys on Cake Boss.”

4. She came out after a blind date.
“I came out when I was 19 to my parents, it was after a really shitty blind date with a woman and it went awry, and I was just over the secret.”

3. Liquid nitrogen is her Everest.
“I remember working with liquid nitrogen…it became so easy and I did feel like I'd climbed a mountain.”

2. She has eaten some gross stuff.
“I would definitely have to say [the most bizarre thing I've eaten] is fried bull testicles.”

1. Everything on the Internet eventually devolves into a discussion about Game of Thrones.
(On cooking a mythical animal) “I'd probably do some barbecue dragon ribs, with a little olive oil, salt & pepper, then slather some bbq sauce on it. Spicy barbecued dragon ribs.”