By FWx Editors
Updated April 09, 2014
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We have to see how Drake does before we can rank him.
| Credit: © Jared Milgrim

Today, ESPN announced that Drake will host this year’s ESPY awards on July 16 when the biggest stars in sports will be honored by the biggest network in sports. There has been a long list of men who have hosted, and some of them are pretty fun. Here are 10 of them we'd like to share a meal with.

10. Jeff Foxworthy (1997)

The redneck jokes are a little old, but the man does have his own chips, so that’s something. Right?

9. Norm MacDonald (1998)

We have no idea what Norm knows about food, but that guy does tell the best stories. It seems like every one is 27 minutes long, but if you can get him talking about scrabble at the bed and breakfast, you’re in for a treat.

8. Seth Meyers (2010, 2011)

He just brought a Shake Shack truck with him to South by Southwest. If he’s still got that thing around we’d meet him anywhere.

7. Jon Hamm (2013)

Remember last week when we saw him in a 90s episode of The Big Date, in which he promised a lady “fabulous food”? He’s come a long way and we’d like to think a meal with him would have much more to offer now.

6. Tony Danza (1996)

He has a cookbook that happens to be highly-rated on Amazon: Don't Fill Up on the Antipasto: Tony Danza's Father-Son Cookbook.

5. Justin Timberlake (2008)

He can do anything. We assume throwing a dinner party falls under the anything category.

4. Samuel L. Jackson (1999, 2001, 2002 2009)

We’d want to do this just on the off chance that the waiter screws up and we get to hear Sam drop some Mother-F****rs

3. Jimmy Smits (2000)

He actually helped contribute a recipe to our site. That automatically puts him in the top three.

2. Jamie Foxx (2003, 2004)

Watching Jamie Foxx do anything is so much fun. Therefore watching him eat is so much fun Q.E.D.

1. Jimmy Kimmel (2007)

He’s got a pizza oven in his backyard that Chris Bianco (of Pizzeria Bianco) helped design. He’s talked of cooking ribs with Adam Perry Lang (of Daisy May’s BBQ and Barbecoa in London). No ESPY alum knows more about food the he does. Does anyone know of The Secret actually works? Because we just put Jimmy at the top of our vision board.