You do NOT want to challenge the Patriots' all-time great to a drinking contest.

By Max Bonem
Updated August 04, 2017
Credit: Icon Sportwire/Getty Images

Here are some completely non-football-related and very food-and-drink-related facts about Tom Brady: He has his own meal delivery kit. He and his wife Gisele Bündchen eat a very vegetable-heavy diet. He has a cookbook. Add to that list that Brady is also a world class beer chugger when he needs to be.

In a story recently published by ESPN to celebrate his upcoming 40th birthday, members of the quarterback's inner circle shared some of their favorite lesser known stories about Brady. One of the people interviewed was Brian Hoyer—Brady's backup, aka the best job in football, from 2009 to 2011.

Hoyer recounted one night in Rochester when the entire Patriots team went out to dinner at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, including Brady, who often has to skip team dinners because, well, he's Tom Brady and people freak out when he shows up places. While Hoyer doesn't explain how this happened exactly, he says that the night devolved into a beer chugging competition and soon enough everyone, from the Patriots' linemen to 5'10" wide receiver, Julian Edelman, was chugging away. One person absent from the beer pounding, however, was Brady. That is until he was coaxed into participating by someone pulling the oldest trick in the book: saying just within earshot of Brady that, "I heard Tom is really great at chugging a beer."

Once Brady finally stepped up to the plate though, the rest of his team didn't stand a chance. As Hoyer puts it, "Let me tell you, you couldn't have poured out the beer faster into a glass. It was unbelievable. And he slams the mug on the table and puts both fists in the air. He walks away with a look on his face that said, 'You really thought you were going to beat me on this?' The place went nuts."

Sorry Atlanta, but if there's anything that last year's insane Super Bowl taught us, it is to never, ever underestimate number 12. Tune in next time for when Brady has to correct some unenlightened member of the Patriots after they claim to have the most comfortable slippers on the team.