In this out of (dietary) character ad, the New England Patriot's quarterback promotes a TB12 approved candy option.

Patriot's quarterback and healthy lifestyle promoter Tom Brady just got caught sticky-handed doing a candy commercial.

The two-minute ad is for UnReal, a candy company that "believes deeply in their founding purpose to 'unjunk the world,'" a company representative told BuzzFeed News. The candy boasts several hallmarks of healthier eating, including being non-GMO verified, vegan, and certified gluten-free. According to the company's website, it also features no artificial ingredients, instead opting for those that are fair trade, sustainable, and organic.

The New England Patriot and drinker of up to 25 glasses of water a day is a small investor in UnReal, though the company says he doesn't receive any money to do product promotion such as the recent "out of this world" candy campaign and corresponding game. His relationship to the company also isn't new. A Business Insider profile on UnReal connects Brady's involvement with the start-up back to 2013, and this Facebook video from 2016 features the quarterback enjoying UnReal's peanut butter cups before practice.

The company contends that, particularly during a sugary season like Halloween, its product has 40% less sugar than other major candy brands, making it a better although not perfect option.

"It's still candy," Nicky Bronner, UnReal co-founder, told Business Insider. "It's better but we still prefer that when you want something to eat, you grab an Apple. But we've done our best so that when you want a candy bar, it's a nice alternative [to traditional candies]."

Brady is not the only major celebrity who's backed the healthier candy confectioners. Other high-profile investors have included John Legend, Matt Damon, Bill Gates and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. He is, however, the only one who's recently released lifestyle book labels "sugary processed snacks (cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candy)" as foods to avoid.

Lately, Brady's eating habits have garnered him headlines outside those he gets for his record-setting gameplay. Beyond the release of his (very expensive) cookbook The TB12 Method last month, he's done a meal delivery kit and had his rigorous diet (which one dietician called somewhat unnecessary) revealed.

It would seem that even while maintaining a lifetime of peak performance, for Brady indulging as he does in the digital ad is better if it's done with a TB12 approved company.