Chef Tim Love Gets Ready for Austin City Limits

Yesterday I detailed Texas star chef Tim Love's all-out burger grilling for the rain-soaked fans at Austin City Limits Music Festival. But that was just Love’s day job. At night, he cooked dinners for the headlining bands. Which means that on Friday night, after the Kings of Leon show, Love was sitting at a table, eating family-style with KOL (“who by the way, might be the coolest people I’ve met in a long time,” he says), as well as Eddie Vedder (who told Love he’d changed Vedder’s perspective on food), Ben Harper, Perry Farrell and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. What did Love make? Rabbit-rattlesnake sausage; venison and foie gras sliders with gooseberry chutney; crispy pig-ear salad; grilled Australian kobe long-bone rib eyes. “Those guys love meat. It was a meat fest." Okay, it wasn't all meat: Love had mushrooms flown in from Oregon, which he sautéed with a load of garlic. And it wasn’t all food: By the end of each night, when the party invariably wrapped up at the Four Seasons, Love was ordering tequila shots by the dozen (you can ask, but he won't confirm who gets the tequila shot rock star award). “It was the most insane rock and roll experience I’ve ever had," says Love. "Times a hundred.” Hopefully that wasn't the tequila shot count.