By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 16, 2015
© EYESITE / Alamy

It’s about time for that midday slump and if you’re like us you’re going to be reaching for another cup of whatever you can find that’s brimming with caffeine. But what should you choose if you’re looking to maximize the kick for the rest of the day? Luckily there’s a graph for that. At Data Driven Thoughts, Erik Rood compiled the stimulant numbers for 14 pick-me-ups you might have to get you through until quitting time and put them through a half-life formula to figure out how to get the most bang for your caffeinated buck. Perhaps expectedly, coffee continues to deliver the most caffeine an hour after drinking with almost 124 milligrams still remaining. But an ounce of dark chocolate or can of Red Bull will retain just a bit more of its original caffeine content 60 minutes in. Check out the entire graph below. And then make sure you grab a cup of coffee. Looking at all those numbers can be exhausting.