By Clara Olshansky
Updated January 29, 2016
© Rob Grimm and Gary Martin

Okay, maybe puns make you groan, but it's hard not to love Talking Food, an Instagram full of over 1,000 food puns paired with a corresponding image. Who wouldn't crack a smile at "Creature from the Black Legume" or "You Used to Call Me on my Shell Phone"? You could spend hours looking through so many more food puns than you ever thought possible.

The images also have serious design cred. They're all gorgeously composed still lifes of food that would be damn satisfying photographs even without the humor. Add the puns and you've got yourself a 50,000-follower Instagram hit.

Talking food is a collaboration between Laura Prouty, a woman whose life changed upon the realization that her love of avocados was AVOCONTROL, and RGG photo, a studio created by Rob Grimm and Gary Martin that specializes in food photography. Begun in 2013, Talking Food has come a long way over the last couple years. You can now get food pun T-shirts (our favorite: I'm kind of a big dill up above) and order prints for your walls with such gems as Penne for your thoughts.

You can follow Talking Food on Twitter and Tumblr, and check out the website.