Credit: Designer: MessQueen / Photographer: Liesl Henrichsen

Whether they're your coconuts, your melons, or your milkshakes, you've probably talked about them in terms of food. So why not cover them with that food love? Why settle for stripes, lace, ruffles, or polka dots, when you could be proudly wearing French fries on your chest? These food-themed bras from Etsy are sure to give your boobs the meals they deserve.

Cupcake Bralette

This lace and satin bra looks as sweet as cupcakes taste. Show off your sweet tooth with this cupcake bra that's as cute as it is sexy.

Ice Cream Pajama Bra Top

This ice cream-printed pajama top takes sweet dreams to a whole new level. Sleep soundly in this oh-so-cute bra sure to remind you of summer.

Banana Bandeau

Go bananas for this colorful bandeau top. While it won't raise your potassium, this daring top may raise an eyebrow or two.

Sushi Roll Bikini Top

Swim with the fishes and show off your love of Japanese food in this appetizing sushi bikini top.

French Fry Bustier

This bustier printed with French fries lets you wear your love of grease and salt proudly.

Peppermint Twist Costume Bra

Channel your inner Katy Perry with this peppermint extravaganza sure to make Christmas a fun time. Warning: may make Santa blush.