By Clara Olshansky
Updated January 07, 2016
Credit: © EYESITE / Alamy

These mini coffee paintings are too intricate to be believed. Ghidaq al-Nizar, an artist and illustrator whose preferred medium is none other than your average cup of coffee, creates gorgeous paintings as small as the tip of your finger. After all, al-Nizar begins these paintings by dipping his finger in coffee and pressing it onto the paper. From that tiny fingerprint emerge stunning scenes of mysterious woods, of unknown cities, of faraway planets and more. Sometimes al-Nizar uses his entire handprint, too, allowing for images of brutal wars, narratives of deforestation, scenes of a better world, and anything else that can be accomplished with just coffee, a hand and a paintbrush.

Al-Nizar's paintings are art with a purpose. As his Instagram says, "Save the earth, it's the only planet with coffee!" By using coffee as paint, he reduces waste. His paintings protest war, fight for protection of endangered animals and raise awareness of environmental issues, all while being totally beautiful illustrations.

For all his activism, though, al-Nizar knows that ultimately his paintings come from joy. As he put it, "People celebrate themselves in different way. To me, art means celebration. I think the point is not about how talented we are, but how much we love the thing we love and how we celebrate our life with it."

Maybe how talented he is isn't the point, but it sure helps. Al-Nizar has also created stunning coffee paintings on leaves, fantastical scenes made of caked grounds and unbelievably detailed full-color illustrations in coffee foam. When it comes to coffee art, it sure seems like there's nothing al-Nizar can't do.