Credit: © Steven Howard

There's a new leather alternative on the market, and it's pretty genius. Eco-friendly British designers Heidi Carneau and Adèle Taylor of Heidi & Adèle created a line of colorful evening bags, wristlets, clutches and card holders using the skin of salmon and eels. Though often discarded, fish skin has some impressive qualities: It's super durable and affordable and can be easily dyed because it's very thin. Plus the cool aquatic texture makes it an ideal alternative to the skins of endangered pythons and crocodiles. The duo sources all their materials with sustainable practices in mind: Salmon skin comes directly from fish suppliers in Iceland, and the eel is ordered from South Korea. The process to create the leather takes between 30 to 45 days to complete but does not require the strong chemicals needed to remove hair from cow hides. Plus: They guarantee your favorite new accessory will never smell fishy.