By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 21, 2016
Credit: Photographic arrangement by Candice CMC

Put away your oil paints and pick up your frying oil, because it turns out that doughnuts count as an artistic medium. Southampton, New York-based artist Candice CMC, who exhibited this month at the Southampton Art Fair, creates photographic portraits out of hundreds (or, in some cases, thousands) of doughnuts. With a delicious assortment of doughnut colors and types, Candice CMC has recreated images of Albert Einstein, Judy Garland, and more.

Granted, Candice CMC doesn't just bake a thousand doughnuts, individually frost them, and arrange them in portrait form. Rather, she begins by taking photographs of her doughnuts. Once she's studied them, making note of any color-related information—their tone, their hue, their value—she compiles an arrangement of her doughnut photographs that uses each doughnut as a swatch of paint, so that the grid of doughnut collectively forms a portrait of some famous person (or non-person).

When creating these images, Candice CMC goes for people and characters you're sure to recognize. In Alfred E. Donuts, she recreates Alfred E. Neuman out of 616 sharp photographs of doughnuts. In Vincent Van Donuts, she takes on the subject of Van Gogh's iconic self-portrait. In Marilyn Donuts—and we'll try not to judge her for not calling in Marilyn Monroughnuts—she pastrifies everyone's favorite 1960s bombshell. If you've got a few thousand dollars and lots of wall space (even the smallest print is 34"x27") on hand, you can purchase her work from the ARDT gallery here.