Credit: © Henry Hargreaves

What would you cook after the end of the world? That’s the question photographer Henry Hargreaves put to some doomsday preppers for his series Ready for Dinner. Hargreaves found subjects who believe the world will end in a variety of different ways: financial collapse, dirty bombs, even a volcano. Whether you agree with them or not, their post-apocalypse menus look pretty good all things considered. They won’t just pile freeze dried fruit on a plate or mix up a jug of Soylent. According to Hargreaves, “they have been able to stand back and see the whole food system from afar and realize in any kind of disaster the food distribution chain is the first thing to break and they don’t want to be left vulnerable.” Many of them have made contingency plans to continue eating fruits and vegetables through massive seed banks. Others plan to seek out alternative sources of protein like crickets and meal worms. One even says he will keep kosher.

Hargreaves presented the series at last weekend’s TedX Manhattan (where Food & Wine editor in chief Dana Cowin explained why we should #LoveUglyFood), but take a look for yourself below.

Henry Hargreaves is a New York-based photographer and a lot of his work focuses on food. You can see the rest of it, including the prints he has for sale, here.