Want an elegant table come Thanksgiving day? Remember these tips.
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Thanksgiving Table Decorating
Credit: Rawpixel Ltd/Getty Images

We’re at Thanksgiving for the food, clearly, but décor and a beautifully set table are just as important a part of the big day as the turkey and sides (well…they’re close). Here, a few easy tips to make sure your table is Thanksgiving ready.

Fresh Linens

Send all of your linens (napkins, table runners, even a fancy apron for the chef) out to be dry cleaned so they’re pressed and ready for the big day.

Mismatch Your Tableware

Not everyone has enough matching glasses, silverware and plates for 20 plus people, so don’t hesitate to mix-and-match what you have. Keeping it all in the same color family will give your table an eclectic, but coordinated look.

Use Candles

Use a lot of them. Everywhere. No, you’re not trying to seduce your house guests, but the warm glow of (UNSCENTED!) candles is much more welcoming than overhead lights. Candlesticks are festive, but short pillar candles or votives won’t block the person dining across from you.

Centerpiece Ideas

Even if you’ve never entertained in your home, you can still pull-off an elegant tablescape. A few no-fuss ideas:

Bud vases – Scatter several small clear glass vases (we’re talking eight to ten, depending on the size of your table) with different flowers of the same color down the center of your table.

Fruit – Fill one to three large bowls with an assortment of apples, pears and halved pomegranates and tuck in small branches of fresh eucalyptus. Alternate these bowls between hurricanes with pillar candles.

Gourds– Lay a runner down the length of your table (preferably something neutral). Arrange pumpkins and gourds of all sizes (but nothing too large) down the center. This looks especially chic with soft-colored white, green and blushy orange pumpkins. If you’d like, you can tuck in some decorative branches, moss or small potted succulents. Then, arrange white or beeswax votive candles around the pumpkins.