By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 04, 2015

Call it politics in the age of Trump. Or maybe it’s just politics in the age of the Internet. Regardless, 2016’s presidential campaign is already shaping up to be the biggest circus America has ever seen.

With the first Republican presidential debate set for this Thursday, Texas senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz decided to start off the week by starring in a YouTube video featuring him cooking bacon by wrapping it around the nozzle of a machine gun. If you think you’ve seen this stunt before, you’re right: It was the subject of at least two different viral videos released earlier this year.

Is this where politics is headed: candidates ripping off popular YouTube videos to get attention? Next up, will Chris Christie be doing trick shots stolen from the guys at Dude Perfect? Will Lindsey Graham start pranking people at the Burger King drive-through?

At least now we know where Ted Cruz stands on machine gun bacon. I wonder what his stance is on watermelon-cutting hacks?