By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 22, 2015
© PhotoAlto / Alamy Stock Photo

The gaming world is awash with simulators that sound inherently boring but have devoted followings nonetheless. Train Simulator, Construction Simulator, Goat Simulator (Goat Simulator may actually be more fun than it sounds).

One of the most popular of the boring-sounding sim franchises, though, is Farming Simulator. Last year’s Farming Simulator 15 sold over a million PC copies—and that’s not even counting versions sold on gaming systems like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For perspective, that means more people bought a game about growing corn than bought Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, looking to capitalize on the popularity of the series, the company Saitek is about to release a dedicated Farming Simulator controller, allowing fans to really get into all that farming action at a price of just $300. I mean, it is cheaper than buying a farm, right? (Well, mostly cheaper than buying a farm.)

The Saitek Heavy Equipment Precision System for PC is currently accepting preorders for its anticipated fall 2015 ship date. For your $299.99 investment, you get a steering wheel that features 900 degrees of rotation and a one-handed turning knob, a gas and brake pedal set and a vehicle side panel that includes not only a “realistic front loader control stick” but also “over 25 programmable buttons to operate your farming equipment.”

You definitely want to have the best possible control over your farm simulating, because if you’re buying a $300 farm simulation controller, you’re definitely not in control of your life, and you should at least be in control of something, you know?