The 14 Best Tablecloths of 2022

We have top picks to suit every budget, in a variety of materials, all machine-washable and versatile enough for every occasion.

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Nothing inspires us to refresh our dining room decor quite like the holiday season. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to swap out or upgrade everyday dinnerware items. Although we love a total design makeover, small swaps — like setting out the fancy stemware or upgrading your table linens — can make a big difference in setting the mood. An easy place to start is by choosing the best tablecloth to accent your dinner table.

A pretty new tablecloth is one of the most impactful ways to give your dining room a glow-up. Not only does the right tablecloth set the tone when guests sit down, but it can also enhance the visual appeal of your holiday feast. After all, that turkey and pumpkin pie deserves nothing less than the best presentation on your festive tablescape.

Choosing the best tablecloth for your dining room or kitchen relies on a few factors. Price can vary with size, design, and materials, but the best tablecloth is the one that makes every meal feel special. We’ve found some truly spectacular table linens for every budget — including holiday dining upgrades and use-it-year-round staples. The best part? Every tablecloth on this list is machine washable, so there’s no need for an extra trip to the dry cleaner. Read on for our list of the best tablecloths to get your dining space ready for holiday entertaining.

Williams Sonoma Woodland Berry Tablecloth


Willams Sonoma

Red berries, pine cones, and pine boughs adorn the borders of this bright white tablecloth. The design is wintery and whimsical, without laying on too much Christmas kitsch. This tablecloth also coordinates with a variety of other Williams Sonoma-exclusive products, like holly berry napkin rings. Prefer another size or shape? It’s available in a round and runner, as well.

Price at time of publish: $170

Material: Cotton

Available Lengths: 70 x 120 inches; 16 x 108 inches; 90 inches round

Machine Washable: Yes

Mokani Linen Blend Tablecloth



Fans of creamy neutrals will fall for this beige and tan striped tablecloth. Decorated with simple tassels on all four sides, it’s just the right amount of understated elegance. We especially like its blend of fabrics, as the mixture of linen and cotton offers the best of both materials. It won’t wrinkle immediately after washing, and it’s soft to the touch. With an impressive variety of sizes that can accommodate breakfast nook tables and large dining tables alike, you may just find yourself ordering more than one. 

Price at time of publish: $30

  • Material: Linen and cotton blend
  • Available Lengths: 55 x 55 inches; 55 x 70 inches; 55 x 86 inches; 55 x 102 inches; 55 x 120 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Bohemian Tassel Tablecloth



The shades of sherbet-adjacent stripes (think lemon yellow and minty green) in this boho-inspired tablecloth are sure to put your dinner guests in a good mood. If sunny colors aren’t your thing, browse through the other designs available — some are even available in additional sizes. The tassel edges are pure joy. To best maintain them, wash the tablecloth on a gentle cycle and hang dry.

Price at time of publish: $28

  • Material: Linen and cotton blend
  • Available Lengths: 55 x 55 inches; 55 x 70 inches; 55 x 86 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Block Shop Printed Tablecloth


Food 52

The bold pattern on this tablecloth will get the conversation started at your next holiday meal. The design is hand-printed in India and is the result of an exclusive partnership with textile company Block Shop and Food52. Its blend of linen and cotton means you don’t have to baby it when cleaning up after a meal, plus it also has just the right amount of carefree rumple after washing. 

Price at time of publish: $170

  • Material: Linen and cotton blend
  • Available Lengths: 70 x 90 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Pottery Barn Forest Gnome Tablecloth


Pottery Barn

Need a little assistance with this year’s holiday meal? Call in Santa’s helpers to set the table! This rectangular tablecloth is patterned with busy forest gnomes sprinkling in a little extra cheer. Whimsically printed with cottage Christmas charm, this tablecloth is especially soft, thanks to its high percentage of sustainably-sourced cotton.  

Price at time of publish: $149

  • Material: Linen and cotton blend
  • Available Lengths: 70 x 126 inches; 70 x 144 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

ShinyBeauty Delicate Lace Tablecloth



Looking for something delicate and soft? This lace tablecloth is an Amazon top seller for wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, and — of course — romantic dinners. The intricate open lace pattern is especially durable thanks to its nylon construction. This design comes in a handful of colors, but the bright white is our pick; you can even layer it over a solid color tablecloth for added texture. And yes: It can be washed at home (use the gentle cycle and skip the dryer).

Price at time of publish: $12

  • Material: Nylon lace
  • Available Lengths: 60 x 120 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Benson Mills Holiday Jacquard Tablecloth



This beautiful tablecloth feels luxe, looks elegant, and costs a fraction of big-name brands. It’s an Amazon find that offers just the right amount of sumptuous luxury for your big holiday meal. The pattern is a classic red and green holly motif. A touch of polyester in the blend keeps it wrinkle-free from your linen closet to the table. This tablecloth is available in seven different lengths, which makes it versatile for virtually any sized dining table.

Price at time of publish: $20

  • Material: Cotton and polyester blend
  • Available Lengths: 52 x 52 inches; 52 x 70 inches; 60 x 84 inches; 60 x 104 inches; 60 x 120 inches; 60 x 140 inches; 70 inches round
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Sona Home Panna Square Tablecloth


Sona Home

Designed in New York City and crafted in India, this quietly beautiful square tablecloth could easily become an heirloom piece in your collection. It’s made with care and crafted by hand, featuring embroidered palm trees and leaves, plus detachable weighted tassels. The deep green hue is appropriate year-round for meals both big and small; dressy or casual.

Price at time of publish: $298

  • Material: Cotton and linen blend
  • Available Lengths: 70 x 70 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Sur La Table Woven Plaid Tablecloth


Sur la Table

Your holiday dinner spread deserves this effortlessly chic tablecloth from Sur La Table. It’s patterned with a classic plaid in either two-toned blue or soft orange and pink, which makes it easily transition through the seasons. Cotton construction also means this tablecloth is easy to machine wash after spills and stains — just be sure to dry it on the lowest setting to avoid shrinking.

Price at time of publish: $100

  • Material: Cotton
  • Available Lengths: 70 x 120 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

DII Store Nautical Blue Tablecloth



If you can't have dinner at the seaside, bring the beach to your table year-round with this classic nautical design. Thick blue stripes give it an “anchors aweigh!” theme, but it’s also offered in pink and black. Stain-resistant fabric and a sturdy 1-inch hem make this durable polyester tablecloth a smart choice for casual dinner parties or even birthdays for little ones. Additional sizes are available with a zippered edge.

Price at time of publish: $28

  • Material: Polyester
  • Available Lengths: 14 x 72 inches; 14 x 108 inches; 60 x 84 inches; 60 x 120 inches; 52 inches round; 60 inches round
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Pottery Barn Lavender Block Print Tablecloth


Pottery Barn

Are you having dinner in Provence or is that just the scent of lavender on the breeze? This beautifully block-printed tablecloth will transport you to the lavender fields of southern France with hues of amethyst, warm cream, and grassy-green chartreuse. It’s guaranteed colorfast and won’t fade — no matter how many times you use, love, or spill rosé on it.

Price at time of publish: $109

  • Material: Cotton
  • Available Lengths: 59 x 59 inches; 59 x 86 inches; 71 x 71 inches; 71 x 106 inches; 71 x 128 inches; 71 x 142 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Elrene Home Fashions Farmhouse Checkered Tablecloth



An understated tablecloth is a stunner in modern farmhouse kitchens. The chunky buffalo checkered pattern of this one is available in multiple lengths and five subdued, pre-faded hues (although we’re partial to gray for its versatility). Soft and durable thanks to its cotton construction, this fall-friendly tablecloth is one we’d proudly use all year long.

Price at time of publish: $19

  • Material: Cotton
  • Available Lengths: 52 x 52 inches; 52 x 70 inches; 60 x 84 inches; 60 x 102 inches; 60 x 120 inches; 70 inches round
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Maison d' Hermine Equinoxe Bird Patterned Tablecloth



Set the table with this tablecloth patterned with yellow-breasted robins, and you’ll swear spring is just around the corner (no matter what time of year it is). Its frosty gray background is winter-appropriate, but the budding leaf motif can take you through the warmer months. This tablecloth has an impressive 5-star rating on Amazon, with over 1,700 glowing reviews. It also comes in over 10 different available lengths to fit any sized dining room table.

Price at time of publish: $40

  • Material: Cotton
  • Available Lengths: 54 x 54 inches; 54 x 72 inches; 60 x 60 inches; 60 x 90 inches; 60 x 108 inches; 60 x 120 inches; 70 x 90 inches; 70 x 108 inches; 70 x 120 inches; 63 inches round; 69 inches round
  • Machine Washable: Yes

WIlliams Sonoma Fringed Linen Table Throw


WIlliams Sonoma

This rustic linen tablecloth is made to toss casually over your tabletop, leaving portions of the top purposely exposed. It’s a carefree, relaxed way to set the table. This tablecloth is available in goes-with-everything charcoal and cream hues; both with a pretty fringed edge. Add napkins and placemats in complementary colors, and you’re all set for serving a special meal.

Price at time of publish: $100

  • Material: Linen
  • Available Lengths: 50 x 50 inches
  • Machine Washable: Yes

Factors to Consider 

How to Clean

Pattern and color may draw you to a new tablecloth, but it’s not the only thing that matters when choosing one for your table. Ease of care matters, especially if you plan on using it regularly, or during meals where spillage and stains are likely to happen. All of the tablecloths on this list are machine washable, although some require cold wash cycles to reduce shrinking, and not all can be tossed in the dryer.


The materials matter, too. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester-blended fabrics, are inexpensive and easy to wash. But due to their shorter fibers, they tend to pill easily, and may not last as long — especially if you regularly launder them. On the other hand, natural fibers — think cotton and linen — are more durable and offer a softer texture, though they can wrinkle easily and may require ironing.


Finally, there’s size to consider. To find the right size tablecloth for your table, measure both the width and the length of the table. Decide how much of a drop you want (that’s the amount of fabric overhang), and double it. For example, if your table measures 60 x 75 inches, and you want an 8-inch drop, you’d add 16 inches to your width and length measurements. For round tables, just add double your desired drop length to the diameter. Generally speaking, it’s best to save dramatically long drops for formal events — like that big holiday dinner. 

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