By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 23, 2014
© Kristin Lee / Alamy

We totally thought we were done with Peeps, but they just won’t go away. According to Deadline—the most reputable source for all your Hollywood gossip—Adam Rifkin has optioned the rights to make a film about marshmallow chicks. Rifkin has a pretty varied history; he’s probably the only person who can claim to have written both a Charlie Sheen movie from the good Charlie Sheen days (The Chase) and a movie with a talking dog (Underdog). The plan with the Peeps is to make a movie similar to The Lego Movie using existing Peep characters (is the bunny really a different character from the chick?) as well as historical and pop culture figures in Peep form. The plot will be about, what else ⎯ Peep dioramas. If you recall, last week Peep scenes were all the rage. The light bulb went off over Rifkin’s head when he was watching his niece and nephew build their own Peep model for a school project.

And in case you’re wondering, the plot will involve one Peep getting misplaced the night before the big diorama contest. Naturally hijinks ensue. We hope they tread lightly with Peeps. For every Lego Movie there’s 5 more Adam-Sandler-in-Candy-Land (may it remain in development forever).