Not all tasters are created equal. No, I’m not talking about how you have a refined palate for only drinking the finest Barolos and your buddy slugs down boxed rosé (though that very well might be the case). Some people literally have more taste buds than the rest of us, causing them to experience tastes more intensely.

SciShow discusses this phenomenon, including how to determine once and for all if you are a “supertaster,” a “medium taster” or just an ordinary “non-taster.” Don’t worry, non-tasters, you can still taste; you just probably won’t mind if someone slathers a jar's worth of bitters all over your tongue. According to the BBC, about 25 percent of people fall on either end of the spectrum, with about 50 percent landing in the “medium taster” middle.

Keep in mind that this only applies to the sense of taste. Why you still think it’s acceptable to listen to Mumford & Sons is still entirely inexplicable.