Credit: © Chelsea Morse

When I texted my friend to let her know that a photo I took of her kale necklace was racking up likes on Food & Wine's Instagram feed, she responded with surprise: "That's awesome! My grandmother was a jeweler. She made the pendant years and years ago!" Clearly, her grandma was way ahead of her time: A little Internet research (thank you, Etsy!) turned up a whole slew of blinged out baby greens, available as pendants in sterling silver, 24K gold or electroplated leaves with Swarovski crystals. Living Gold has kale leaves as earrings and even parsley pendants. So whenever someone says to you that cauliflower is the next kale, just ask them: Is anyone bedazzling cauliflower? No, no they are not.

Chelsea Morse is an associate editor at Food and Wine magazine. You can follow her on Instagram @ChelseaMMorse