May the force of these "Star Wars"-themed kitchen gadgets be with you.
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blender star wars
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

One of the biggest holidays in the world is finally here: the release of a new Star Wars movie!  With Star Wars: The Last Jedi out and racking up critical acclaim, it's the perfect time to deck out your kitchen with Star Wars-ian fare.

Food & Wine has chronicled the many wondrous Star Wars kitchen gadgets out there before, but right now, you can get more legendary deals than ever, thanks to ThinkGeek's limited time Star Wars sale, which offers up to 70% off Star Wars kitchen gadgets that bring The Force to whatever you're cooking up, chowing down on, or drinking with your rebel and/or imperial crew.

Star Wars Lightsaber Immersion Blender, $33

blender star wars
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

The lightsaber is an invaluable Jedi tool for slicing up everything from powerful foes to difficult terrain, but in this incarnation, it's equally great for handheld blending.

Star Wars BB-8 Nutcracker, $33

Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

The heroic droid who debuted in The Force Awakens has many hidden capabilities, including, it turns out, some culinary ones.

Star Wars Darth Vader Metal Can Cooler, $9

can cooler
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Space is cold, but the icy Lord Vader is far colder. Keep your drinks that chilled with the help of this very powerful can cooler.

Star Wars Ep VIII Fighter Ships Glass Set, $15

shot glasses
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

From Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer to Poe's X-Wing, you can commemorate The Last Jedi's most important ships with every sip from this glass set.

Star Wars Empire Self-Stirring Mug, $7

stirring mug
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

According to ThinkGeek, the development of the Death Star led to many other, non-planet destroying technological innovations, including (but not limited to) this mug, which stirs your drink for you.

BONUS: Star Wars BB-8 Silicone Cake Mold, $10

star wars cake mold
Credit: Courtesy of ThinkGeek

And finally, get a little more mechanical precision in your baking, by making your next batch of BB-c8kes with the help of BB-8!