By Noah Kaufman
Updated December 24, 2015
© AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

All work and no play might have made Redittor eudicotyledon a dull boy, but it certainly paid off. The poster and gingerbread architect, who is actually filmmaker Aaron Keeling, recreated the famous Overlook Hotel (actually California’s Timberline lodge) in remarkable detail including a Rice Krispie hedge maze, Jolly Rancher stained glass windows and two terrifying gingerbread twins prepared to abscond with other gingerbread children riding big wheels. The roof is made from a slightly more unorthodox gingerbread house construction material—quinoa.

Keeling says he and his family build a masterpiece like this every year, so we’ll see what house of horrors they choose for next year’s model.

Sadly though, the hotel, like so many of the world’s great works of gingerbread art probably tastes terrible. A mix of two-week-old fondant and stale cookie walls are not high on anyone’s list of holiday snacks. So we’ll just have to enjoy the pictures as we knock down another pour of Jack Daniels.