Credit: © AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

South Park has practically made its career by taking people, organizations, businesses, religions, products and everything else that exists on Earth down a peg. Now in its 19th season, though the show might not be the cultural powerhouse it once was, it still knows how to spin accurate satire, especially when given a hefty lob.

Last night, the Comedy Central mainstay took down Yelpers, mocking the self-importance with which many amateur restaurant critics anoint themselves for using the site. And though South Park certainly has gotten older, the team behind it purposefully hasn’t gotten any more mature—in fact, sometimes it feels like they’re trying to get a bit more adolescent. So you probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of last night’s highlights was a crude musical ode to everything angry restaurateurs can do to your food when you believe your Yelp presence means you deserve special treatment.

I’m not going to be so tasteless as to list all the offending bodily waste South Park suggests may end up on Yelp reviewers’ plates, but I’m sure you can guess what they mentioned. And I say “sure” because if you guess anything, you’re guaranteed to be right. I’m pretty sure they covered them all.