Soma's stylish, eco-friendly water bottle helps bring clean water to those in need.

By Pei-Ru Keh
Updated May 24, 2017

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With many of us wearing our eco credentials on our sleeves these days, it has become de rigeur to not only carry around a reusable tote, but an eco-friendly water bottle as well. Once confined to avid sportspeople, the water bottle has been the subject of many a design makeover – most recently by the San Francisco-based company Soma, which revealed its portable tumbler this week.

Best known for its photogenic water filter carafes and pitchers, Soma has applied its socially responsible and design-forward approach to a minimal glass water bottle that easily slots into anyone’s day. Made from glass, a BPA-free silicone sleeve and topped with an FSC-certified bamboo leak-proof cap, the slender bottle is lightweight while holding a respectable 500ml of water.

Available in four bright colors, Soma’s water bottle is the latest extension of the company’s larger mantra of eschewing plastic use, promoting the consumption of clean water and doing so from a design point of view. A proportion of the company’s sales also goes to support charity-owned water projects in underprivileged parts of the world, helping to make clean drinking water available to those communities.