For a party last weekend, I made peach cobbler using Grace Parisi’s buttery cornmeal biscuit topping. When it finally came time to serve—after the host grilled up some spectacular teriyaki-laced short-ribs and Moroccan-spiced goat patties—one of the guests turned to me and asked, “How do you think the cobbler would taste warmed on the grill?” Up for any sort of culinary experimentation, I was intrigued.

There’s been a recent trend of cooks using their grill for everything—from baking muffins to melting fondue. Surely the Pyrex baking dish could stand the heat of the mellow coal fire. After removing the final piece of meat from the grates, I set the uncovered cobbler on the grill and closed the lid. Five minutes later, the cobbler was warm—as if it had been taken out of the oven only a half hour before. The verdict? In those few minutes, the biscuits absorbed tons of smoky flavor. Unfortunately, it was too much for me. It’s still a technique worth trying, however--three people loved the grilled flavor so much that they said it was the best cobbler they ever had.

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