By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 22, 2016
Credit: © moodboard / Alamy

Online dating is fine, but sometimes it helps to have a more physical connection when scouting out the perfect mate, especially when you don’t feel like leaving your house. That’s when “Smell Dating” becomes your perfect option.

Primarily an art project but also ostensibly an actual dating service, Smell Dating—billed as “the first mail odor dating service”—was launched earlier this month by artist Tega Brain.

The concept is simple, if also completely ridiculous. For the minimal fee of just $25, Smell Dating sends you a T-shirt, which you are asked to wear for three days straight—both day and night—without deodorant. You then send the shirt back to Smell Dating in the included prepaid envelope. These filthy, odor-filled shirts are then cut up into swaths and sent to other people in the service where everyone gets a chance to smell each other’s shirts. “If someone whose smell you like likes the smell of you too, we'll facilitate an exchange of contact information,” the service proclaims. And then, of course, “The rest is up to you.”

Sadly, Smell Dating is limited to only 100 participants and you must live in New York City. The good news, however, is that as of yesterday, “a few spots” were left.

As interesting as the concept sounds, the question remains: Just how much can you tell about someone from their smell? And if you thought people using “the angles” in their online dating photos was gaming the system, the chance to cheat in the scent department seems super easy. Whoops! Did I just rub a rack of ribs all over my shirt? My bad.

Still, the kind of person who rubs themselves in pork to gain your attention might just be your perfect match.