By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 28, 2015

SkyMall is back…according to Twitter. Only a few months after we were all saying goodbye to that thing we were forced to read on the airplane when someone had already done the in-flight magazine’s sudokus. In January, SkyMall had filed for bankruptcy.

But someone believes SkyMall still has gas left in the tank. C&A Marketing, a company that has experience buying brands out of bankruptcy, grabbed SkyMall for a mere $1.9 million at auction—on April 1, of all days.

“SkyMall is a brand people are excited about,” Harry Klein, president of C&A Marketing, told the Los Angeles Times after the purchase, citing how though printing catalogs for planes was pricy, the website continued to get traffic. “By next year, SkyMall will be a better product,” he said. “We are sticking to the roots, but it will be different.” With plans like tweeting like a maniac (hashtags like #BringBackSkyMall, #SkyMallReturns and #SkyMallWillBeBack), the SkyMall website is fully up and running and announcing that the catalog will be back on planes by the end of the year, albeit with some “dramatic changes.”

Which is great, because damn it, I forgot to buy my dog a step to get up to our guest bed and, for myself, a UV swimsuit. Or that essential Darth Vader toaster.

[h/t Boing Boing]