Hurry! These price cuts won’t last.

By Katie Macdonald
Updated July 25, 2019
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Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

We all know how important it is to have a great chef's knife. It’s the one we reach for to slice and dice everything from carrots to chicken — and when we’re looking for something extra lightweight with a long-lasting, razor-sharp edge, Japanese-style chef’s knives are our go-to.

There are lots of great Japanese-style knives out there, but one of our favorite brands is Shun. It borrows from ancient Japanese sword-making traditions, folding dozens of layers of high-carbon stainless steel together to create an exceptionally sharp, long-lasting edge.

Typically, they can be a bit of a splurge, but (lucky for us) Williams Sonoma is running an incredible deal on Shun cutlery until July 28. All Shun Sora knives, including our favorite Hikari Chef’s Knife, are up to 65 percent off. Plus for a limited time, you can get speedy free shipping on your order.

You can browse through all the deals yourself, but if you’re looking for some pointers, check out five of our favorites below.

Hikari 6-Inch Chef's Knife

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Distinguished by its award-winning design that utilizes microserrations to reduce friction for clean, effortless slicing, this chef’s knife has a number of passionate fans. One reviewer shared how it never fails to impress: “Appearance-wise this gets top votes. I don't use this at work but it always gets compliments from house guests, especially fellow chefs. It even looks great in the block, the handle is striking, unique and comfortable. I buy knives for performance only but this thing is beautiful in looks and performance.”

To buy: $160 (originally $338);

Sora 3½-Inch Paring Knife

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This knife is a more traditional Japanese style, featuring its distinct handle design. Its stainless steel blade makes quick work of peeling potatoes, coring apples, and trimming chickens.

To buy: $45 (originally $57);

Kaji Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Exclusive to Williams Sonoma, this beautiful santoku knife is handcrafted in Japan and features a wide, pointed blade with hollow indentations that minimize sticking.

To buy: from $150 (originally $282);

Classic Asian Chef's Knife

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Another prep work powerhouse, this classic design is ideal for slicing fish and poultry. “I own a number of Shun knives in several product lines (Classic, Premier, and Kaji),” one customer wrote. “They are all good knives, but I find myself using this Asian Chef's knife for most of my prep work. It is a true laser of a slicer and so easy to work with on the board.”

To buy: $110 (originally $182);

Shun Premier Bread Knife

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This razor-sharp slicer isn’t just for crusty loaves. It can make handy work of other hard-to-cut foods, like pineapples, tomatoes, and melons. Plus this gorgeous knife has a walnut-finished PakkaWood handle that’s easy-as-heck to grip.

To buy: $156 (originally $244);