Credit: © Chris Collins / Corbis

There are already shoes designed specifically for folks who mix drinks, and now here are sneakers for people who love soda, or at least those who enjoy the look of retro ginger ale. Detroit shoe store Burn Rubber has teamed up with New Balance to honor Vernors ginger ale, a beloved local staple since 1866. To translate the drink's classic green and gold branding into footwear, shop co-owner Rick Williams went beyond the color story and added speckled soles that recall carbonation and a wood grain-printed toe that mimics the look of the original product (which was once aged in wooden casks). Williams aims to use projects like these to tell the stories of Detroit, in a sellable way: “At the end of the day, a dope shoe is a dope shoe. The story is secondary. The shoe has to be fresh first. If the shoe is dope, a lot of people are going to rock with it," he told Complex. If you want to rock them, the sneakers are available at Burn Rubber’s web shop for $180.