We have complicated feelings about the Pretty Little Liars star’s complicated feelings about breakfast.
Shay Mitchell
Credit: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images Portrait

You might want to sit down for this.

Shay Mitchell, who played Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars for seven seasons, is not enthused by muffins, croissants, Danishes or most breakfast foods. She’s staunchly Team Savory, so she admits she’d always rather be eating dinner than breakfast.

“If I do end up eating something for breakfast, I’ll get the lunchiest item,” she says. “I’ll have a breakfast burrito, or a breakfast pizza. I’m not really a sweets person. I mean, I’ll eat it—don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat it—but if I had to choose one, always savory.”

If you’re one of Mitchell’s 17 million Instagram followers, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that pizza is her favorite food. She says she’ll eat it for breakfast as often as she can. Her dream breakfast pizza is topped with cheese, arugula, cracked egg and “maybe a little prosciutto.” Leftover pizza works nicely as a morning meal, too.

“Sometimes I heat it up, sometimes I eat it cold,” she says. “I’m totally OK with cold.”

Now that Pretty Little Liars has finished filming—the final season is currently airing on Freeform—Mitchell plans to spend her summer traveling, teaching herself Spanish, writing her second book and throwing barbecues in her backyard. The actress partnered with Stella Artois for their “Host One to Remember” campaign and recently threw a Belgian street fair-inspired party in New York.

“I’m a condiment queen,” she says. “I love eating Belgian frites with different condiments. And mussels are always great for summer—they’re just so messy and amazing.”

The moment she arrived in the city from L.A., her fellow PLL costar and best friend Ashley Benson was waiting for her.

“I literally went right from my room after putting down my suitcase to meet her downstairs,” Mitchell says. “We went out and danced. We had a great night.”

Unsurprisingly, the night ended in ordering Dominos delivery to the club—Mitchell isn’t a pizza elitist. While in New York, she plans on hitting up Roberta’s and Grimaldi’s, too. We hope she orders enough for breakfast the next morning.