Credit: © iStockphoto

With the dawn of Sexy Pizza Rat, we've likely reached peak sexy costume ridiculousness. That said, truth isn't always stranger than fiction, as one comedian proves. Los Angeles–based Jeff Wysaski is behind Obvious Plant, a brilliantly funny blog and prank-producing brand that posts signs, brochures and other phony notices on telephone poles, in stores and in the back of taxis. The most recent victim is one of the many stores selling Halloween costumes where the wall of available options was amended with a few of Wysaski's own. Included were a Sexy Potato, Cold Girlfriend (wearing her boyfriend's blazer), Stephen the costume model and of course Sexy Stephen.

Previous projects found confused Ikea customers reading so-called in-store reviews of products, a medical brochure that explains Donald Trump, suggestions for waiting in line at Chipotle and a "Free Brownies!” sign placed next to some definitely-not-brownies. You can see all of the Halloween costumes and more epic trolling over at the Obvious Plant Tumblr. Check back in a couple of days when the inevitable real sexy potato costume hits store shelves. It's only a matter of time.